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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Get ready for the ultimate in Tactical Espionage Action in the hugely anticipated follow up to Konami's PlayStation smash Metal Gear Solid. The world once again faces the risk of all out nuclear disaster when the latest and most advanced Metal Gear prototype falls into terrorist hands. Resume the role of Solid Snake as you carry out numerous stealth missions, avoiding detection and confrontation as you infiltrate deep into enemy territory. Work your way through stunning, hyper-real interactive 3D environments, using a unique mix of 1st and 3rd person camera views to achieve your objectives.

Other info
Platform PS2

Genre 3D Action Adventure

Publisher Konami

Developer Konami

Peripherals Memory Card (8MB) (for PlayStation®2), Analog Control Compatible: all buttons, Vibration Function Compatible

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What is so big about "MAX PAYNE"

The latest graphics on ps2
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